Info: Workshops


I have been teaching workshops since 2004, and offer educational and exploratory experiences for all levels of photographers. These workshops are meant for those individuals who have a profound relationship with art and photography, and for those who want to work more intimately learning the history, intuitiveness, and the science of photography.  

I. Portfolio Review 

The first workshop I offer is a one day portfolio review working in a small group fo 4-8 people. During the workshop, each student will present a body of work of 6-12 images. The work should have a consistent theme and each individual should come prepared with specific challenges they would like to address. The goal of the workshop is provide constructive feedback of your work and how to move forward on your project. This workshop is available throughout the year, and the cost of this workshop is $125 per person.  

II. The Camera, The Negative, and The Print 

This workshop focuses on using analogue techniques - a film camera, black and white film, and printing on traditional gelatin-silver, double weight, fiber-base paper. The purpose is to implement these three elements to learn how to pre-visualize the scene prior to exposing the film, and thinking how to expose your image to maximize the details of the print. It will allow you to better determine your initial exposures for different types of natural light, and learning techniques on how to push or pull your film, how to compensate your exposures when developing your negative, and how to interpret your negative to better to learn how to print the final image in the darkroom implementing and learning about different print developers, temperature, additives to enhance the print, and how to selectively bleach and tone your final images.  

This workshop is a 6 week course meeting on Saturdays and Sundays to demonstrate various techniques and for participants to print in my darkroom. This workshop is limited to 4 people due to space limitations and the cost of the workshop is $1200 per person.  

Please check back for updates as to when this workshop will be offered.  

III. Cuba 

Have you ever dreamed of travelling to a foreign land immersing yourself in their culture where you spend most of your days and nights photographing?  

This workshop is an opportunity for you to experience a time in your life when you are immersed in moments of all things photography. I will provide some guidance working with each participant through project ideas that are respectful and sensitive to the cuban culture, logisitics, and sometimes guides to assist you with translation.  

This workshop is limited to 4-8 people, and the cost is $2400 per person, which does not include transportation to and from Cuba, accommodations, meals, or guides. However, I am able to assist you in making all necessary travel arrangements.  

Please email me at for more information about any of workshops listed above. Please include the following information when making contact: Your name, telephone number, and indicate which workshop(s) you are interested in attending.